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The Thymus Gland and Aging

the thymus gland and aging

The Thymus Gland and Aging

In a condition that is expected to be normal, the thymus gland will start to recede more or less after the end of puberty. And by the time the fifth decade of life is reached, all that remains of the thymus is a tiny fraction of what it was.

From this fact, it can be inferred that there is a direct relationship between the decrease of the thymus gland and aging. The decreased activity of the thymus is a plausible explanation for the significant increase in degenerative diseases, also malignant degenerations, and alterations in autoimmunology that are observed with the passing of an age.

The crux of this issue of thymus deterioration is that, by decreasing thymic factors, they can no longer correctly regulate defense mechanisms and initiate all these problems already described.

The Thymus Gland, the central regulator of the body’s defenses

As already explained, until puberty, the thymus is large and active. It manufactures special blood cells programmed to develop an entire body’s defense system; for this reason, the thymus is the central regulator of the body’s defenses.

the thymus regulates the body's defenses

Also, white blood cells are constantly produced in the bone marrow, as if we were to say the “blood police”. Also, the lymphatic cells or lymphocytes that go from the marrow to the thymus are part of these defensive forces.

The thymus is a training center for lymphocytes; information hormones train them only to attack foreign cells and recognize and not attack the body’s cell tissues. First, they identify foreign cells or other deposits from abroad as alien or foreign. Then the same lymphocytes or killer cells take care of these, attacking them, or pass the information to the “blood police” To all the cells that are receptors of decomposition so that they also recognize the hidden foreign cells that proliferate without control in an intact immune system and eliminate them.

Researchers have discovered that these processes occur daily, at least weekly, without harmful side effects.

How Immune System Disorders Develop?

All the defenses of the immune system weaken as we age. Specifically, the thymus reaches its maximum activity at puberty, and after this, all the active substances of the thymus or thymosins will decrease. They do it gradually; when we reach 50 years, we will only have 20% of the level at puberty. And by the age of 70, the thymus will have practically stopped working, which means that the immune system will need help.

immune system disorders

Thymus Therapy at this stage of life guarantees that the body once again receives the necessary level of thymosins to fight viruses, fungi, bacteria, toxins, etc.

Causes that weaken the immune system

When there is chronic inflammation in the airways, after prolonged administration of antibiotics, or when there is a malfunction in some organ, the immune system must do a hard job. In these conditions, people become susceptible to infections, feel without energy, weak and tired.

Rheumatic diseases lead to a particular revolution in the immune system in which the disease-fighting cells of the body in people turn against the patient’s body, thus creating confusion among the entire defensive army of the body. Undergoing a thymus treatment will give your body the support it needs to correct this abnormality.

thymus therapy to strengthen the immune system

Chronic joint inflammation and osteoarthritis are challenges for the immune system. Thymosins stimulate protein metabolism and facilitate joint cleansing, decreasing pain, swelling, and redness.

The environmental pollution that exists today and the increase in UV rays from the sun cause more and more skin disorders, such as eczema and others. The active substances from the thymus stimulate the skin’s metabolism and promote the production of new and healthy epithelial cells.

Emotional disorders such as depression, anxiety, and stress weaken and undermine the proper functioning of immune defenses. Under these conditions, pathogens can take over and increase the susceptibility to infection.

Severe illnesses and surgical interventions weaken the entire body, particularly the immune system. For this reason, even a simple cold can seriously affect the body. On the other hand, the active substances from the thymus strengthen the immune system and shorten and help in the recovery phase after a significant surgical intervention or after a long or complicated treatment.

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