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Three necessary steps to prevent Cancer

three necessary steps to prevent cancer

Three necessary steps to prevent Cancer

Cancer is among the leading causes of death not only in the United States but all around the world. Although millions of dollars are invested in research to find a cure for Cancer, scientists have not succeeded, and the disease continues to increase.

The good news is that researchers have found that genetic defects cause only between 5 to 10% of all cancer cases; the other 90-95% are attributed to environmental factors and lifestyle choices. In this article, we share the preventive measures you should take to significantly reduce the risk of developing Cancer.

hormonal balance

Step one: Optimizing hormone levels

Hormone balance is your best ally in cancer prevention. Since hormones perform several body functions, it would be impossible to mention all the symptoms that may appear when our hormones are not correctly balanced. However, unexpected fatigue, night sweats, low libido, infertility, changes in mammary tissue (male and female), irregular menstruation, and excessive body hair (female) are red flags that should not ignore.

These are the hormones that play a crucial role in diminishing our cancer risk:


We often hear about estrogen deficiency in menopausal women. However, due to dietary, environmental, and lifestyle factors, the prevalence of estrogens is a much more common problem in men and women of all ages. A high estrogen level or a high estrogen-progesterone proportion notably increases the risk of suffering breast, ovarian and uterine Cancer. In addition, high estrogen levels without enough testosterone to counteract its effects may increase the risk of colon cancer in men.

estro block

You may help maintain your estrogen levels under control by considerably reducing your meat, dairy, and soy intake, reducing stress levels, exercising, keeping a healthy body weight, and using natural cleaning and personal hygiene products.


There is great controversy surrounding the androgenic testosterone hormone and its effects on Cancer. Some may think that testosterone can accelerate prostate cancer development. Meanwhile, recent research has defied this point of view. Two studies were conducted, during which prostate terminal cancer patients were administered androgenic treatment. The results evidenced a better life quality for those who received the therapy.

Dr. Hertoghe, a lifestyle, anti-aging, and hormone medicine expert, has also pointed out that there is data that suggests that the presence of androgenic hormones is not what promotes prostate cancer. On the contrary, reducing these hormone levels produces cancer cell formation (especially with high estrogen levels).

testosterone levels in cancer prevention

According to a study published in BMC Cancer Journal, when testosterone levels drop under a critical group, normal prostate cells turn into mutants and can turn cancerous too. If you initiate testosterone therapy before you reach that point, you may be able to prevent the development of prostate cancer.


Melatonin can help reduce the risk of Cancer in three ways: Metabolizing estrogens, combating inflammation, and supporting a healthy immune system.

It is especially beneficial for breast cancer prevention. For example, Dr. David E. Blask, a well-known cancer researcher, discovered that melatonin could make breast cancer cells go to sleep. As a result, nocturnal melatonin blood levels can slow breast cancer growth by about 70%.

melatonin production

To optimize melatonin production, you need to sleep enough hours. Make sure your room is dark and silent. Keep all electronic appliances out of the room, eliminate caffeine, and avoid spicy food and blue light for about 2 -3 hours before going to sleep. Try to maintain a regular sleep schedule. If you have problems falling asleep, you can increase your melatonin levels by obtaining 15 minutes of sun exposure per day (or using a solar lamp). Also, you should eat certain fruits such as goji berries, nuts, almonds, pineapple, and bananas as snacks before going to bed.

Thyroid hormones

Recent research suggests that low thyroid hormone levels can also increase the risk of having several types of Cancer. This correlation is because thyroid hormones stimulate immunity; thus, they can protect us from growth and cancer cell proliferation.

Step two: Reducing inflammation to avoid Cancer

Inflammation is a widely known source of Cancer. When it becomes chronic, it harms our cells, DNA, and tissue. In addition, it creates the perfect environment for cancer cells to grow, multiply and expand.

This way, chronic inflammation is a widespread affection that several factors may cause. Among them, we have excess body weight, smoking, allergies, food intolerance, lack of exercise, unhealthy diets, and stress.

To reduce inflammation, limit your alcohol, sugar, caffeine, oil, burnt fats, dairy products, industrially processed meat, smoked meat, and processed and canned foods intake and consumption. In addition, if you consume food to which you are highly intolerant, then this will also increase inflammation.

whole foods

It would be best to consume a diet based on whole foods, rich in vegetables and fruits with dark pigments, and use spices and herbs abundantly.

Omega 3 is also an excellent warrior against inflammation. Even though they are highly concentrated in fish, we do not recommend having more than one piece of fish per week because of heavy metal contamination. Instead, focus on vegetable-sourced omega3 such as flax seeds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, nuts, brussels sprouts, and seaweed oil.

Cortisol is a potent hormone that combats inflammation and a common but often undiagnosed disease called adrenal fatigue, which can cause a cortisol deficiency. If test results show low levels of cortisol or if you have adrenal fatigue symptoms such as constant fatigue, difficulty waking up in the morning or going to bed at night, anxiety, mood swings, salty or sweet food cravings, and low blood pressure, you should do whatever it takes to restore your adrenal function.

Step three: Take a Cancer detection test

Early detection is a critical factor in prevention. It allows you to identify and treat anomalies before they turn into Cancer. Genetic exams for breast and prostate cancer are recommended. Constant supervision of your hormone levels is also highly beneficial. You might wish to control your selenium, Co-Q10, and vitamin A, D, E, and C levels and supplement these nutrients if necessary.

tests to detect cancer

The important thing is to be aware of how your body works and feels every day. Pay attention to changes in your general health, energy levels, skin, and how your body reacts to daily life. We cannot avoid occasional stress, but we can change the way we respond and learn how to reduce these stress levels. Ask a physician if you have any doubts to prevent minor issues from becoming more significant problems.

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