ReBuilder 300

USD 1,327.00

Electronic stimulator for neuropathy treatment. It opens up nervous pathways and repairs nerves so the signal can go through, eliminating pain, burning, and numbness. The basic kit includes essential accessories for its use. Free Shipping Worldwide.


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People suffering from pain caused by any neuropathy or muscle pain will find relief with ReBuilder 300.

You can apply this electronic treatment can on both upper and lower limbs. You can also use it on other areas of the body affected by neuropathic pain, numbness, and burning, among other symptoms.

Treatment with ReBuilder 300

Treatment with ReBuilder 300 eliminates the cause of the symptoms instead of masking the pain by blocking it momentarily.

The key to its efficiency lies in its technology by having an internal microprocessor that sets treatment parameters according to the user’s body mass. It also considers the area over which it will be used and the patient’s specific needs, turning it into an intelligent device that adjusts the treatment according to the person who uses it.

7.83 Hz Frequency

ReBuilder 300 uses a 7.83Hz frequency. The main goal is to open up the nerve pathways that have been blocked and repair the damaged nerves simultaneously to restore their function.

While most devices send a basic electric impulse to just one hand or foot, ReBuilder creates a closed circuit sending out the 7.83 Hz ReBuilder frequency that goes from one hand to the other going across the spine or from foot to foot going up one leg, crossing through the spine until it reaches the other leg. This way, it can treat all the nerves it finds on its way.

While Rebuilder is especially good for neuropathy, it also relaxes muscle spasms and helps with muscle atrophy. It also prevents thrombosis and increases movement on both lower and upper limbs, making it ideal for post-surgical recovery. The only thing you need is two 30-minute sessions per day.

ReBuilder 300 Main Features

  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • Registered by the FDA.
  • One exit.
  • It operates with a 9v battery.
  • Made entirely in the USA.

ReBuilder 300 includes:

  • ReBuilder 300 Electronic Stimulator
  • 1 lead wire
  • 8 adhesive pads
  • 2 non-adhesive pads
  • 2 electrolyte bottles
  • 1 pair conductive socks
  • 20 sets of waterproof sleeves
  • ReStore Nutritional Supplement
  • Carrying case
  • Instruction Manual

For personal hygienic purposes, the following items are not returnable: conductive garments, electrolyte, adhesive pads, non-adhesive pads, foot pads, straps, electrode lead wires, footbaths etc. More Information.

Precautions & Contraindications!

Do not use ReBuilder devices in the following cases:

  • Patients who have pacemakers or any other electrical medical device implanted.
  • Pregnant women.
  • People under 18 years of age.
  • If you enter into any of the categories mentioned above, please use the device under the strict supervision of your physician or healthcare provider.
  • Please do not use it directly over open wounds.
  • Follow your physician’s advice for specific instructions.

Automatic blocking: This safety feature blocks the device in case of accidental falls, so it does not affect the patient.
Impulse duration: 240 microseconds positive/negative 1,458 microseconds. It continuously adjusts according to the patient’s feedback and can vary by 15%.
Waveform impulse: asymmetric, biphasic, with shorter positive peaks in order to stimulate the nerve and longer negative peaks for muscle stimulation. Since they are equal underneath the curve, no charge residues are left inside either the nerve or muscle. This feature is patent pending. This waveform exactly duplicates the waveform of a healthy nervous signal, just as a pacemaker imitates a healthy sign adjusting itself to the patient’s needs and changing 7.83 times per second.
Impulse repetition rate: 7,8 Hz. (fluctuating through the treatment).
Maximum charge per impulse: 4 micro Coulombs.
Impulse amplitude: 0 to 40 continuous variation volts.
Maximum impulse current: 0 to 50 MA.
Power source: 9v alkaline battery.
Weight: 8oz (with battery).
Dimensions: 2 3/8” x 3 ¾” x 1”.


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