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ReBuilder for Peripheral Neuropathy

ReBuilder for Peripheral Neuropathy

It is possible you’ve been told that peripheral neuropathy is incurable and that the only thing left to do is taking medicine to reduce the pain. The side effects from taking drugs can take a toll on your health just as bad or even worse than neuropathy and your life quality will lower as time goes by.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a progressive disease and can lead to amputations and life strapped to a wheelchair!

rebuilder for peripheral neuropathy

Safe Treatment!
Without drugs, without surgery, without side effects!

Peripheral Neuropathy symptoms include:

  • Tingling, burning and numbness on both hands and feet.
  • Leg Cramps.
  • Sharp pain, similar to electric shocks.
  • Extreme sensitivity to touch.
  • Lack of coordination.
  • Loss of balance and difficulty to walk.
  • Muscle weakness or paralysis.
  • Intestinal or bladder issues.
  • Trouble sleeping, depression and anxiety.
peripheral neuropathy symptoms

If you are looking for a solution for neuropathic pain,
you came to the right place!

rebuilder eliminates symptoms of peripheral neuropathy

Natural and effective

ReBuilder Neuropathy Treatment is natural and very effective. In fact, over 94% of those who have used it have reported that their neuropathy symptoms have completely disappeared.

ReBuilder is the solution for peripheral neuropathy, diabetic neuropathy, polyneuropathy, etc.

It was invented by Dr. David B. Phillips, Ph.D in 1985 driven by his desire to help his father who suffered from neuropathy.

Registered in the FDA

In the year 1989, it was registered in the FDA as a neuro-electronic device for:

  • Chronic intractable pain relief.
  • Post-surgical pain relief.
  • Muscle spasm relaxer.
  • Increase in local blood circulation.
  • Prevent or delay muscle atrophy.
  • Muscle mass increase.
  • Muscle reeducation.
  • Movement range augmentation.
  • Venous thrombosis prevention.
rebuilder fda registered

Over 287.000 have been benefitted by ReBuilder!

The solution for neuropathic pain…

ReBuilder has Life-Time warranty!

Sleep without any pain!

Users can see a lasting improvement during the first 7 days of use. In most cases, cramps and numbness disappear and they experiment an improved range of movement. You will also be able to fall asleep and sleep through the night without any pain.

If you are currently taking neuropathy pain medication, it is possible to reduce your dosage with your doctor’s help avoiding possible side-effects you may be getting because of these drugs.

sleep without nerve pain

The common TENS devices numb the pain in the area causing TEMPORARY relief.
ReBuilder Neuropathy Treatment strengthens muscles, normalizes blood flow and reconstructs nerves PERMANENTLY eliminating pain.

What is the Diabetic Neuropathy?

diabetic neuropathy information

Know the causes, symptoms and treatment of Diabetic Neuropathy

ReBuilder Use Testimonials

ReBuilder® Neuropathy Treatment

ReBuilder treatment relieves nerve pain, has no side effects, does not interfere with other medical treatments or interact with any other drug.

It is really easy to apply, ReBuilder neuropathy treatment does not need any special training and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

rebuilder treatment for peripheral neuropathy

Two ReBuilder Models

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