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Differences between ReBuilder and TENS

What is the difference between ReBuilder and TENS devices?

rebuilder and tens difference

TENS devices (Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation) apply an electric signal to the nerves through the skin’s surface. Although regularly, TENS devices generate square waveforms that are not recognizable by the nerves, these devices produce a high frequency that disables and inhibits nerves by overstimulating them.

Certain TENS devices allow the user to adjust the frequency and amplitude of the electric waves; once they have been configured, the signal that will be produced will be the same for all users during treatment. A standard TENS device will send its signal from one electrode to another that is placed near it (6 to 8” of separation). This creates an analgesic effect by dumbing down the small area where the electricity is applied, offering temporary relief, and momentarily alleviating the affected part that is causing pain, but this is not a solution since it will usually worsen (or cause) numbness.

use of tens

How does a TENS Device work?

TENS devices have factory settings that make them send out thick signals through 2×2 conductive electrodes; therefore, it is impossible to adjust them for different application methods, such as conductive garments, etc. For this reason, they can cause significant damage, and continuous use of a standard TENS device can cause permanent numbness.

The FDA considers ReBuilder as a TENS device since it also sends out electric signals through the dermal surface; nevertheless, ReBuilder is a specialized nervous stimulation device, and it is much more controlled. ReBuilder’s intelligent technology incorporates three microprocessors, which control its sophisticated biofeedback circuit while simultaneously providing muscle stimulation. For that reason, ReBuilder’s use is unique and offers different treatment results and experiences. The most important thing is that it stimulates the nerves and how it does it.

What does ReBuilder do differently than a TENS Device?

ReBuilder allows its signal to go from one foot to the other (or from one hand to the other) through its biofeedback circuits; this way signal effectively stimulates the whole nervous pathway from the tips of the fingers or toes up to the base of the spine on both legs or arms. This way, ReBuilder’s action area is more significant than a standard TENS device. The biofeedback mechanism constantly modulates the shape of the outgoing waveform according to the user’s needs, using the last signal as a reference. All this happens in real-time, at a 7.83 times per second speed.

rebuilder use

ReBuilder treatment does not only send out customized impulses, but they also change as the user’s body responds positively to the healing impulses through the treatment.

How does this affect the result?

The ReBuilder can, so to speak, talk to the nerves in a way that is not strange for them, being able to control pain and discomfort without impeding the nerve’s ability to send an impulse. It does not cause or worsen the numbness to achieve its goal. The aforementioned is very important for a person who suffers from neuropathy since they can have balance or motion problems. It is essential at the moment the whole leg is receiving stimulation. Can you imagine numbing the entire leg on purpose and the implications this may have?

The frequency generated by ReBuilder can stimulate muscle activity, causing regular rhythmic contractions, which allow the blood to move softly toward the heart and helps the lymphatic system expulse toxins. At the same time, it helps distribute fresh blood-rich nutrients to the nerve endings. In addition, since the signal originates on the furthest part (the foot), it takes full advantage of the natural compression effect. In time, this will help to strengthen stunted muscles.

results with the use of rebuilder

ReBuilder does not cause side effects

Our body wants and can heal itself; we just have to give it the tools so it can do it. User mobility will not get compromised since ReBuilder alleviates pain without causing numbness. Unlike drugs, there are no debilitating side effects. By being able to control the nerves electronically instead of through drugs, reducing or suspending their intake will be possible, eliminating the potential side effect that may appear when increasing their dosage. Our body’s natural healing process is nurtured by increasing blood circulation to the limbs. It will get even better with the proper nutritional supplementation.

ReBuilder’s cost is higher since this is an actual medical device that adapts to the user’s functional nerves and has security circuits. While the user sees an improvement, ReBuilder’s impulses adapt to its individuality. There is no other device that can compare to ReBuilder. This device has been made in the USA since 1987. The device is improved continuously since its launch thanks to the scientific advances that have been made since then.

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